This project was active during 2008-2010 and you are looking at the revised archive version of the project website, including all of the project outputs.

Changing Behaviour is a project that aims to support change in energy use and energy services. We do so by applying social research on technological change to practical use. Our focus is on the interaction between energy experts and energy users: How can these different groups learn to understand each other better?

Changing Behaviour is an action research project. Researchers and practitioners work together to develop, test and refine tools for improved interaction that are sensitive to context, timing and the needs of different users and stakeholders.

Changing Behaviour is a European project that is funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme Energy theme (contract number: 213217). The project partners are from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the UK.

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We have prepared for you an extensive toolkit for supporting energy change.

Energychange Mechanisms

Project News

CHANGING BEHAVIOUR ended at the end of December 2010. You can access our news articles and newsletters below. Thanks for your interest in our project!

Ten recommendations for policy makers

December 27, 2010

CHANGING BEHAVIOUR has completed its work. Our main output is the Make Energy Change Happen toolkit: http://mechanisms.energychange.info We have also developed 10 recommendations for policy makers. They show how policy makers can support energy efficiency through behavioural change e.g., by ensuring continuity, supporting intermediaries, combining interventions and addressing technical, economic and social issues at the same time. Read our Recommendations for Policy Makers in various European languages.

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CHANGING BEHAVIOUR Newsletter 2/2010

December 8, 2010

This is our last newsletter: CHANGING BEHAVIOUR ends at the end of this year. We are sad to say goodbye, but hope to keep in touch!  Newsletter_CHANGING_BEHAVIOUR_issue6 (3.26 MB) The main product of CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, the Make Energy Change Happen (MECHanisms) toolkit, is now available. The newsletter tells you more about MECHanisms, as well as some of the projects in which it was used and developed.   

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Make Energy Change Happen in 2011

December 6, 2010

Last summer, CHANGING BEHAVIOUR hosted a competition for slogans, maxims, sayings and ‘bons mots’ that reflect the best insights in an emerging culture of energy saving practice. Our jury picked the 12 best slogans, which are: The sure way to predict the future is to invent it. One good action repeated a million times creates global change. Energy efficiency is a journey, not a destination. Less energy consumed today, more resources left for our children!

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December 1, 2010

Ruth Mourik from ECN has been taking CHANGING BEHAVIOUR on a grand tour of New Zealand. She gave presentations at the Kordia Innovation Engine in Auckland, at an energy behaviour workshop organized by EECA and for the Energy Industry Round Table in Wellington as well as at the Technical University in Auckland. CHANGING BEHAVIOUR has had a longstanding co-operation with EECA, the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority and we also received valuable feedback from EECA staff for the development of the MECHanisms toolkit.

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These research project partners formed the active participant network that cooperated and met regularly during the project.