Case Study 05: Ilmari

May 20, 2009

CB_Case05.jpgA climate change and energy information programme for schools.

2002-2007, national



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 Summary of the case

Ilmari, a climate change and energy information project, aims to enlighten primary, secondary and high school students and teachers about climate change and their role as human beings; young people shall be involved in conversations and receive support in their projects. During five years, there have been over 800 school visits all over Finland. 30 000 students have heard about their issues and there has been training for two hundred volunteer climate envoys. Ac-cording to the evaluation report in spring 2005, school visits have been successful in strength-ening young people’s awareness. 38% of secondary school students and 18% of middle school students have become more aware about the climate situation. Half of the students considered themselves to be informed enough to work against the climate change. Since then, experiences from this project have been used in other school visiting projects due to the suc-cessful concept of Ilmari and how NGOs work together.

The Ilmari project has been financed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry under the Finnish Climate Change Communications Programme 2002-2007. The latter is a programme implementing the Finnish climate change strategy. During the autumn 2006 the programme was also a part of the EU funded Make a change programme.  Ilmari project has won several en-ergy and climate change communication prizes, being e.g., the winner of the national Energy globe national award in 2006.  Currently the school envoy activity developed within the Ilmari project continues as an established part of the activity of the organizations that were in-volved in the Ilmari project. The work continues on the basis of more provisional funding, mainly from the budget money of the participating organizations, but new concepts of funding and activity are under development.