Case Study 12: Multi-apartment Modernization

May 26, 2009

CB_Case12.jpgEnergy modernisation of multi-apartment buildings

2004-, Lithuania

households, multi-apartment buildings


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 Summary of the case

The 'Modernization of multi-apartment buildings' programme covers one type of buildings: multi-apartment buildings (block of flats). This type of buildings amounts to a major share of the energy consumption and have high energy saving potential.

Saving potential takes significant meaning after energy prices became unpredictable. Apart-ment buildings in Lithuania, compared with countries in the European Union, use much more energy for heating. For this reason the renovation programme aimed at lowering energy con-sumption in buildings was introduced.

Furthermore, the renovation programme and its environment in administrative, economical, transactional, social and national aspects are analysed. Administrative and transactional links between participants have a huge influence on the effectiveness of the programme. Activities of different participants are researched in this case.

This case also describes the main instruments applied in the renovation programme as well as the main financial resources. Based on the results of the analysis the main barriers to the modernization programme are indicated.