Is good timing a matter of luck? CHANGING BEHAVIOUR presents some first insights

October 20, 2008

CHANGING BEHAVIOUR was presented at the 2nd Sustainable Consumption Conference at the Corvinus University of Budapest. The conference is a joint effort by various universities and associations, including GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association and Central European University. Mikko Rask from NCRC presented a paper on The Role of Timing in the Success of Energy Saving Programmes, which draws on our ongoing case study analysis of more and less successful programmes in nine European countries. The paper explores and conceptualises a much-neglected factor influencing the success of energy saving programmes, i.e., successful timing. It provides conceptual tools to address issues in timing, and suggests some implications for practioners. Mikko’s presentation raised a lot of interest and provoked an intensive and constructive discussion on the manageability of energy saving programmes.