Workshops all around Europe

February 12, 2009

The CHANGING BEHAVIOUR workshop season is in full swing. Our first workshop was organized in Tallinn last November (Tallinn_workshop_report). The second workshop was held in Budapest on February 3rd in the international atmosphere of Central European University. A total of 39 invited participants from Hungary, Germany, Poland,  Romania, Russia and the Republic of Macedonia joined forces with the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR team to explore the conditions for reducing our demand for energy. In addition to inspiring groupwork sessions, participants enjoyed an interactive forum hosted by Professor Zoltán Illés. The workshop report will be available in early March.

Manchester will be the venue on March 5th, when participants from the UK and the Netherlands assemble at the Bridgewater Hall to explore conditions for successful energy conservation. The workshop is hosted by Manchester Knowledge Capital. The workshop registration is open until February 19. We look forward to an exciting event!

One more workshop is upcoming this spring in Athens, on June 16th. The workshop is hosted by CRES, the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece. A final workshop will be hosted in 2010 in Düsseldorf. You can keep track of our workshop activities and outputs on the workshop page.