August 31, 2009

iStock_000009029081XSmall.jpgYnke Feenstra (ECN) presented the outcomes of the case study analysis of WP2 during the Summer School of the Dutch National ThinkTank. The members of the ThinkTank were very enthusiastic about the research performed in CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, the outcomes of the case studies and the recommendations for future Demand Side Management programmes.

The ThinkTank is a multidisciplinary group of high potential young master students and PhDs. The aim of the ThinkTank is to come up with creative, innovative but practical solutions for a societal problem. The assignment for the ThinkTank of 2009 is "how can we motivate consumers to save energy and to choose for renewable (decentralised) energy resources". After the Summer School in August, in which external experts present their visions on the assignment, the ThinkTank has 2 months to describe solutions for the assignment and present these to representatives of the government, industries and science. Often these outcomes are picked up widely in media and used in the design of new policies.