Three papers by CHANGING BEHAVIOUR at the First European Conference on Energy and Behaviour

October 6, 2009


The First European Conference on Energy Efficiency and Behaviour will be held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, October 18-20. The conference is organised by SenterNovem and will feature 80 papers from Europe and beyond. Three of these are by CHANGING BEHAVIOR:

Feenstra, Backhaus (ECN) & Heiskanen (NCRC): How to change consumers’ energy-related behaviour? Improving demand side management programmes via an action research approach

Heiskanen (NCRC), Mourik, Feenstra & Pariag (ECN): Beyond Individual Behaviour Change – Why and How?

Steinestel, Maier, Meinel & Sieverding (VZ-NRW): Changing behaviour of energy consumers and motivating private investments in energy efficiency by individual and neutral on site energy consultancy for private house owners