Climate Club Godollo

September 21, 2009

KK_logo_Godolloi_vegleges.jpgClimate Club supports households in energy and carbon saving measures

Project manager: GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association


GreenDependent Sustainable Solutions Association



Carbon Emissions Reduction in Households of Godollo is a pilot project aiming at establishing the link between climate change and household consumption, raising awareness and creating a responsible attitude and behaviour among the residents of Godollo. The main objectives of the pilot are to: 

  1. raise awareness of climate change issues in households, establish links between climate change and household consumption, create a sense of responsibility in households
  2. drawing on existing methodologies for measuring household consumption and carbon emissions, adopt the most suitable one in the context of Godollo town and test it
  3. involve households in a carbon emission reduction programme

Target group

The primary target group of the pilot is the households of Godollo, including GreenDependent members and their families – not all of whom reside in Godollo.

The target group of the project will be chosen regardless of the socio-economic status of households, apartment ownership type or other factors. The idea is to involve diverse households of the town. In general, Godollo’s population is known to be open and interested in environmental issues. For example, there are local organic food festivals which attract a lot of people and the university offers courses and degrees in environmental science.

Type of intervention

It is planned to select and adapt to Godollo’s context one of the existing carbon accounting methodology which will be tested on GreenDependent’s staff before involving the households. The pilot project will be launched in October 2009 with the opening workshop for households, where participants will receive the information on climate change and simple things that can be done at home on a regular basis to fight it. Also, an eco-foot print questionnaire will be administered to establish the baseline consumption of households, which will be supplemented later on with the data from energy audits and meter readings. To keep participants motivated and informed about the progress that they are making (or fail to make), regular carbon club meetings will be scheduled as a forum for information and experience exchange between participating households. Participants will also be supported elec-tronically through the website, emails, skype calls (if necessary), newsletters and alike. On the final stage of the pilot feedback forms are to be collected from the households and consumption reports are to be compiled by the managers. Basing on the consumption data as compared to the baseline, households that will manage to reduce their consumption the most will be awarded.