Budapest workshop

November 11, 2008

Reducing Our Demand for Energy:
What Works?

Research – practice – policy dialogue workshop

Central European University,
Budapest, Hungary February 3, 2009

This exciting workshop provides an interactive forum for interested parties to reflect upon groundbreaking research on the successes and remaining challenges for improving energy efficiency. It specifically focuses on programs and initiatives that target the demand side of energy efficiency as part of the European CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project.

Take the opportunity to discover what are key success factors and pitfalls in energy saving programmes!

What will the workshop be about?
The workshop programme includes:

  • brief presentations on the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project and up-to-date research findings
  • group work sessions to reflect upon the findings of the project and to explore and share success stories and remaining challenges
  • interactive challenging debate involving experts

Who will be there?
The workshop engages energy efficiency practitioners, policy makers and intermediary organizations working in the field of energy from countries throughout Europe including many new EU member states. We expect a total of 25-35 participants.

How can participants benefit from the workshop?

  • acquire up-to-date, applicable knowledge on how to reduce energy consumption
  • new skills for interacting with target groups
  • new ideas for innovative programmes
  • strengthen co-operation with intermediaries in the region
  • increase strategic capabilities

How can you join us?

Registration: Please fill out and send in the registration form on this site. The workshop is free of charge, including lunch and refreshments (organic and free trade!) and a dinner. The registration deadline is January 9, 2009. Travel costs for eligible participants will be covered by the CHANGING BEHAVIOUR project, so please register and apply for  the travel grant as early as possible!

Venue: The workshop is hosted by the Central European University, Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP) and GreenDependent. The venue of the workshop is Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be secured in the heart of the city of Budapest with easy access to CEU where the workshop will be held.